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Environment & Building

Responsible development is built on public health.


Whether you are a homeowner putting on an addition, or a developer planning a major housing development, compliance with public health regulations assures safe and proper construction, and can improve the health of entire communities.

Turn to NDDH before starting any building or construction project, large or small. Doing so may save you time and unnecessary expense. See the navigation bar at the right to select other Environment & Building topics. Information and forms to assist you in the building process can be found here.

“We must be alert to the health benefits, including less stress, lower blood pressure, and overall improved physical and mental health, that can result when people live and work in accessible, safe, well-designed, thoughtful structures and landscapes.”

- Richard Jackson, MD, MPH
Former director of CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health

Learn about the many physical, environmental, and economic benefits of Healthy Community Design.





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