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Adopting healthy behaviors isn't such a stretch after all.

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Every day we are faced with countless choices that impact our health. Maybe today is the day you will quit smoking or take up yoga or pack your kids a healthy lunch or take a walk instead of taking a pill or opt for some fresh veggies at a farmers market and choose water over soda...and you'll realize that it feels good to make healthy choices...and then your body starts to feel good and your mood improves and life seems more manageable and enjoyable. So you decide to do it for another day. Then another. And then it happens. You realize that you can do it. It's not a fad or a phase. You're leading a healthy lifestyle. Then others notice and you, yes, YOU, are inspiring them that they can do it too. And so they do. And before you know it, we're a healthy, vibrant community...stronger in every way - physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally and economically. Personal responsibility shapes the future for all of us. Today is your day.

Browse this section to explore a number of health topics, prevention programs, and other information designed to prevent illness, promote wellness, and help you adopt healthy behaviors that will lead to a long, healthy life!




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