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Instructions: NDDH Online Property Records

We are pleased to announce that you can now access our online property records at any time. Simply click the link below to be taken directly to our database.

Please note that all records through 2007 are accessible online. Records from 2008 to the present are being added. For questions, or to request records that are not presently available online, please contact our office at 860-774-7350 or


  1. Click to be open the database. No username or password is necessary.
  2. When you arrive at our database, you should see:
  3. Double click the town folder that you would like to view. A list of street folders will appear:
    Click Town
  4.  Double click the street folder that you would like to view. The list of folders will appear:
    Double Click Town

    Our database is set up with a folder cascade, much like your own computer files. They are organized first by town, street and address. Any records which did not have a house number associated with them have been filed by Map xx/Block xx/Lot xx.  If no information was associated with the record, it is filed under “Street name Map Block Lot”.Double-click the folder name; the list of documents within the folder should appear to the right:

  5. Documents are sorted within the folder by type. The “tif” files are images of the paperwork from each file. This is where you may find the information you are seeking.

    TIF Images

    While clicked on the “Properties” tab, you will see a preview of the image. While in this tab, you can browse the images by using the arrow keys. To see the full size image, click on the “Preview” tab. This will bring up a PDF of the image. From here, you can download the PDF and save it to your computer.

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