Property and Inspection Records

See the instructions below to access public documents in our database 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.

If you receive a server error when opening the database, please clear your web browser cache.

This can be done by holding down “CTRL” on your keyboard and clicking the refresh arrow on your browser, or by holding “CTRL” and pressing “F5”. You may need to do it more than once.


Viewing documents from a mobile device, while possible, is not ideal. For a better experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop.

1. When you open the database, you should see a screen that looks like this:

2. If it is not done already, change the “Display” value to a higher number, such as 10,000, and then refresh the page. This will ensure that you are seeing all available documents in a folder.

3. Double click the “Property Documents” folder, or click on the + icon to the left of it to open a list of towns.

4. Double click the folder, or click the + icon next to the town you would like to view. A list of streets in that town will appear.

5. Double click the folder, or click the + icon next to the street that you would like to view. A list of folders with street numbers will appear.

6. Double click the folder name with the street number, or Map Block Lot #, you are looking for. A list of all our documents on that property will appear to the right.

7. Documents are sorted by date published. Files can be downloaded by double clicking the file or clicking the “Download” link under the “Properties” tab.

For “pdf” and “tif” file types, you can see a preview of the documents without downloading it by clicking on the image in the bottom right corner, or by clicking on the “Preview” tab.

1. When you open the database, you should see a screen like this:

2. Click on the folder named “Default” and then either “Inspections” or “Property Documents” depending on what you are searching for.

3. Clicking on the Property Documents folder will open a list of towns and Inspections will open a list of establishment types.

4. Click on a town to view street names.

5. Click on a street name to open a list of street numbers. You may need to swipe or scroll over to view the whole name.

6. Clicking on a street number will open all files available for that location. If records are missing, you may contact our office to have it sent to you and uploaded when possible.


7. Clicking on a file will provide you with more details and a download button.

8. You can also click on the “Preview” tab to view the document without downloading it to your device.

To search for Map/Block/Lot #’s, previous owners, map location, and other information on lots, you will need to go to the town websites to access Government Vision Appraisal, or use Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (NECCOG). Visit our About Us page for links to town websites.

Statewide Well Drilling Reports can be found here: If you are still having trouble, or know of a recent repair or work done, please complete and submit a Request for Public Information Form to our office. Once received, we will add your request in the order which it was received. You will receive a reply by email. This form is available on our website here: