Meet Our Team!

Qualified, trained, and certified public health experts.

We are your proud partners in public health.

Healthy Holidays from NDDH!

Our public health team nose it all!

NDDH employs a staff of qualified, trained, and certified public health experts who are committed to protecting the health of the communities we serve.

Contact any staff member by dialing 860-774-7350 and using the extensions listed below.

Last Name First Name Title Extension
Broccoli Katie Secretary / Receptionist 113
Buisson Linda Administrative Assistant 132
Colangelo Linda Education & Communications Coordinator 114
Colletti Debra Senior Secretary / Receptionist 110
Combs Isaac Public Health Programs Specialist 136
Daly-Derosier Anne Dental Hygienist  
Farrow Tracy Senior Secretary / Receptionist 112
Faucher Stephen Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 131
Fuller Jessica Vaccinator / School Liason 128
Gonzalez Amanda Public Health Programs Manager 130
Harding Lisa Dental Hygienist  
Hynes Stephanie Public Health COVID Assistant 134
Lynch Matthew Health Informatics Specialist 126
Marcoux Maureen Senior Registered Sanitarian & EHS Team Leader  
Moe Donovan Environmental Health Specialist  
Nichols Melissa Finance Manager 118
Otto Brittany Environmental Health Specialist  
Stafko Kimberly Environmental Health Specialist  
Starkey Susan Director of Health  
Vose Janine Public Health Nurse 124
Warner Jennifer Environmental Health Specialist