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COVID-19 Vaccination

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15 minutes of your time ushers in the good times.

NDDH Weekly Vaccination Clinics




Vaccine Clinic Calendar

Tuesdays 10 am - 2 pm at NDDH Conference Room
Thursdays 2 pm - 6 pm at Quinebaug Valley Senior Citizens Center (QVSCC)
69 South Main Street, Brooklyn
(NDDH located at back of building QVSCC located at front of building)

Vaccines offered: Pfizer (ages 5+) & Moderna (18+) two-dose vaccine
(Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 2nd dose appointment is made at clinic)
Johnson & Johnson (18+) one-dose vaccine - one and done!

How to Access NDDH Vaccination

  • 1st and 2nd doses for ages 12+: walk-ins accepted or by appointment scheduled in VAMS
  • 1st and 2nd doses for ages 5 - 11: walk-ins only (No appointments scheduled in VAMS at this time)
  • Booster shots for all three vaccines: walk-ins only (No appointments scheduled in VAMS at this time)

Booster Shots

  • NDDH will provide booster shots for all three vaccines at our standing Tuesday and Thursday clinics

VAMS - How to Schedule an Online Appointment Using the Vaccine Administration Management System

VAMS is an online scheduling tool that allows people to search for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic near them. Once you have VAMS account, you can search for clinics in Connecticut, including ones being held locally at NDDH.

Note - Although VAMS will invite you to book an appointment for ages 5-11 and booster doses, NDDH is unable to accept VAMS appointments at this time for these specific groups. Currently, here is how to get a spot at one of our clinics:

  • 1st and 2nd doses for ages 12+: walk-ins accepted or by appointment scheduled in VAMS
  • 1st and 2nd doses for ages 5 - 11: walk-ins only (No appointments scheduled in VAMS at this time)
  • Booster shots for all three vaccines: walk-ins only (No appointments scheduled in VAMS at this time)

Get a copy of your immunization record

Get your immunization record through the secure CT WiZ Public Portal, a free service provided by the Connecticut Department of Public Health Immunization Program. Patients and legal guardians can access official immunization records for themselves and their children using the CT WiZ Public Portal.

If you wish to obtain a replacement CDC Vaccine Card, please contact your provider; only they can reissue the cards and have been given guidance from the CT DPH to reissue them upon request of recipients.

Alternatively, you may download your own record from the CT WiZ Public Portal found here:

Important: If you are currently unable to access your record in the Public Portal, it is likely because it validates the information you enter against the information that was entered by your provider; if it doesn't match exactly it will not provide the results you seek and you will need to fill out the following form to update your Portal profile details: Once your form has been completed your profile will be updated so that you may access your record through the Public Portal.

NDDH - Trusted for the Truth.NDDH

There's alot of misinformation out there about COVID-19 vaccines.
Let's clear things up.


CT DPH Fact Sheets

Fertility Myths, Vaccines & Pregnancy, Vaccine Ingredients, Vaccine Safety, How They Work, Vaccine Development, and more!

CDC Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

NDDH COVID-19 Educational Flyers

The Joint Commission Department of Research - Putting COVID Numbers and Vaccinations into Context

Vaccine Eligibility in CT:

Open to all previous phases and ages 5+ who live, work, or study in CT
Pfizer vaccine is authorized for 5+
Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are authorized for 18+

About the COVID-19 Vaccines & Vaccination

Currently, three vaccines are authorized and recommended to prevent COVID-19:

  • ​​​​Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine - For ages 5 and older. 2 doses required at least 21 days apart. Read the fact sheet.

    Pfizer-BioNTech (COMIRNATY) Name Change

    Pfizer-BioNTech (COMIRNATY) received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on August 23, 2021, for individuals 16 years of age and older. Once vaccines are approved by the FDA, companies can market the vaccines under brand names. COMIRNATY is the brand name for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Now that the FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has been approved by the FDA for individuals 16 years of age and older, it will be marketed as COMIRNATY. The use of the name Pfizer-BioNTech will still be used for individuals 12-15 years old since this age group has not been approved. There has been no change in the formulation of the vaccine since the name change.

  • Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine - For ages 18 and older. 2 doses required at least 28 days apart. Read the fact sheet.
  • Johnson & Johnson Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine - For ages 18 and older. 1 dose only. Read the fact sheet.
  • Masks are required and all persons are screened upon entry at vaccination sites
  • Bring a form of photo identification to your appointment
  • Wear a short-sleeve shirt under your clothing for ease of vaccination
  • Anyone receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will be monitored for at least 15 minutes
NDDH Vaccination Staff and Nurse Volunteers

What to Expect After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Safety

V-Safe After Vaccination Health Checker

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine





Who is Eligible for Vaccination?

Everyone age 5 and older who lives, works, or attends school in Connecticut!

Homebound  - Individuals who are medically or physically unable to leave their home to receive a COVID-19 vaccine can register for in-home vaccination.

Where to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Northeast District Department of Health (NDDH) - Pfizer, Moderna and J & J - Walk-ins welcome. Registration for certain groups through VAMS.

NDDH Nurse Jessica Fuller protects another northeast CT resident.
  • Vaccination site: NDDH Conference Room or Quinebaug Valley Senior Citizen Center, 69 South Main Street, Brooklyn. 
  • Second dose appointments for Pfizer and Moderna are booked before you leave your first dose appointment

Generations Family Health Center 

Day Kimball Healthcare 

By appointment only through their individual scheduling systems:

Walgreens - Check for types of vaccine -

Northeast CT Walgreens locations:
203 Kennedy Drive, Putnam 
1093 North Main Street, Dayville 
20 Prospect Street, Moosup
200 Westminster Road, Canterbury 

CVS Pharmacy - All three vaccines offered. Check availability when scheduling. Click here for scheduling information.

57 Providence Pike, Putnam
10 Lathrop Road, Plainfield
542 Providence Road, Brooklyn
2177 Killingly Commons, Dayville

  • Schedule online or walk-ins accepted.
  • Register by phone: 1-800-746-7287 (1-880-SHOP-CVS)

Walmart - 450 Providence Road, Brooklyn, and 474 Boston Post Road, North Windham  - Offers an easy online scheduling option. Check for vaccine type when scheduling.

Schedule directly through a participating vaccine provider

2-1-1 Online Directory of COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics - Searchable database of hundreds of vaccination clinics and testing sites located throughout Connecticut. Apply filters to narrow your search.

Protect Yourself. Protect Others...and We'll Get Through This Together

More dedicated members of the NDDH COVID-19 Vaccine Team

Until you can be vaccinated and, in some cases, even after you’ve been vaccinated, please continue to follow all of the recommended strategies to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19:

  • Wear your mask
  • Watch your distance
  • Wash your hands
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Stay home when you are sick.


Be Part of This Historic Effort - Volunteer!

Follow this link in order to volunteer at our NDDH COVID-19 vaccination clinics and other associated efforts. 


Vaccinate with Confidence

Please be sure to visit the sites below often for the most accurate, up-to-date information.

MRC Volunteer Cherie Poirier schedules another second dose appointment.

CT DPH website for COVID-19 Vaccination in CT

CT DPH: Eligibility Phases

CT DPH: Vaccination Scheduling Options

CT DPH: Online VAMS Enrollment for Eligible Individuals

CT DPH : Enrollment Form for Homebound Individuals

CT DPH: COVID-19 Print and Social Media Educational Materials

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccine Information

CDC: Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine

Resources for Health Care Providers

CT DPH COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Providers

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination - Clinical Resources for Healthcare Providers

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit for Medical Centers Clinics, and Clinicians

Thank you for supporting the COVID-19 vaccination campaign to protect our communities.

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