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NDDH Coordinates COVID-19 Vaccination for School and Childcare Personnel

NDDH/DKH to Vaccinate Staff at Forty-one Schools in 12 Districts in March
(BROOKLYN) – The Northeast District Department of Health (NDDH), following a directive by the State of Connecticut, is coordinating COVID-19 vaccination for all newly eligible Pre-K through grade 12 school personnel who work onsite with students, as well as licensed childcare professionals in the district during the month of March.

NDDH will partner with Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) to vaccinate certain schools and collaborate on larger schools if the need arises. The effort incorporates 12 school districts, 41 schools and includes approximately 3,400 eligible individuals. NDDH is also working with over 71 licensed daycare providers to ensure that they have access to vaccine in March. All this happens as a new eligibility phase opens in Connecticut on March 1st to residents and employees within the State of CT who are age 55 and older. Previously eligible phases will also continue to be vaccinated.

Sixteen schools from eight districts, including a first round of EASTCONN personnel will be vaccinated in the first week beginning March 2nd. Remaining schools are planned for the weeks of March 7th and 14th (see sidebar.)

“This is an exciting time, and we are so pleased to be able to complete our plans to vaccinate our schools,” commented NDDH Director of Health Sue Starkey. “We began our vaccination planning months ago. As soon as we learned of the Governor’s announcement on February 22nd, we developed a comprehensive community school plan within the span of one week. Thanks to our planning and vaccination teams, Medical Reserve Corps volunteers, and community partnerships, there is a real chance of completing this important initiative by the third week of March. Vaccine supply is the most critical component of our planning and these lofty goals.”

The new Johnson & Johnson vaccine was approved Saturday, February 27th, giving vaccine providers a third powerful vaccine option to vaccinate their communities. If vaccine allocation is delivered as planned, NDDH and DKH will be positioned to administer the two-dose Moderna and one-dose J&J vaccine at school clinics.

NDDH will also continue to serve phase eligible individuals at their Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) clinic, held at the Quinebaug Valley Senior Citizens Center, 69 South Main Street in Brooklyn. Appointment-only clinics will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2 & 3, from 1 to 6pm. To assist in the community effort from yet another angle, Generations Family Health Center will add general appointment slots in their VAMS scheduling platform to allow NDDH and DKH to focus on the school and childcare vaccination campaign. Vaccine supply is also expanding to retail pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.

“To best support the planning effort, we encourage all school and childcare personnel to be vaccinated at their scheduled clinic,” explained NDDH Education and Communications Coordinator Linda Colangelo. “Educators have been extremely patient, and we understand their desire to be vaccinated as soon as possible. At the same time, we are still trying to vaccinate older adults who are most at risk.”

Colangelo went on to explain that having educators vaccinated at their school-based clinics, allows other eligible individuals in the community the opportunity to access vaccination at pharmacies, healthcare systems, and VAMS clinic providers. NDDH and DKH will arrive at school clinics with vaccine doses to match the projected numbers of vaccine recipients provided by school officials. If educators seek out other vaccine options ahead of time and then cancel or do not show at their scheduled clinic, it could leave vaccine providers scrambling to prevent the doses from going to waste.

“If you take a public slot at a VAMS clinic or pharmacy, you are taking a dose away from a person who does not have the same opportunity as you do - a guaranteed appointment at your school clinic,” she said. We have all worked hard to make getting vaccinated as efficient as possible for educators and support staff, so we sincerely hope they will partner with us to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.”

“Monday’s new phase opens to upwards of 600,000 individuals, Starkey added. “The message remains the same. Be patient. Wait your turn, then take your turn…and don’t turn your back on what works…wear your mask, watch your distance, wash your hands, avoid gatherings and stay home when you’re sick.”

Vaccination eligibility

Eligibility for educators and childcare

NDDH primary resource for linking people to vaccination options

NDDH/DKH School Vaccination Plan

Tuesday, March 2 (Second Dose - March 30)

Sterling Community School – NDDH
Thompson Schools – DKH
Mary R. Fisher Elementary
Thompson Middle School
Tourtellotte Memorial High School

Wednesday, March 3 (Second Dose - March 31)

Union School – NDDH
Eastford Elementary School – NDDH
Putnam Schools - DKH
Putnam Head Start
Putnam Elementary School
Putnam Middle School
Putnam High School
Putnam Science Academy

Thursday, March 4 (Second Dose - April 1)

Pomfret Schools - NDDH
Pomfret Community School
Pomfret School
The Rectory School

Woodstock Schools – DKH 
Woodstock Elementary School
Woodstock Middle School
Woodstock Academy

Friday, March 5 (Second Dose - April 5)

Hampton Elementary School – NDDH

Plainfield Schools – DKH - Received J & J Vaccine - No Second Dose Required
Plainfield Head Start Early Childhood Center
Moosup Elementary School
Plainfield Shepard Hill Elementary
Plainfield Memorial School
Plainfield Central Middle School
Plainfield High School

Tuesday, March 9 ( Second Dose - April 6)

Brooklyn Schools - NDDH
Brooklyn Elementary
Brooklyn Middle
The Learning Clinic

Killingly Schools – DKH - Received J & J Vaccine - No Second Dose Required
Goodyear Early Childhood Center
Killingly Head Start
Killingly Memorial School
Killingly Central School
Killingly Intermediate School
Killingly High School
St. James School

Wednesday, March 10 (Second Dose - April 7)

Harvard H. Ellis Technical School
EASTCONN - Quinebaug Middle  College

Thursday, March 11 (Second Dose - April 9)

Canterbury Elementary School
Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School

Friday, March 12 (Second Dose - April 9)

Marianapolis Preparatory School

To be scheduled Week of March 14 - NDDH

EASTCONN – Remaining Programs

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