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Food Services

The Food Protection Program at NDDH is designed to ensure food safety at all establishments and events where food is served. Components of this program include plan review and pre-operational inspections for new establishments, regular restaurant permitting, inspection and evaluation, investigation of foodborne illness and complaints, and food safety training.

Food Safety Courses

Food Awareness and Safety Training (FAST)
The FAST course was developed to teach proper food handling techniques. Originally designed to target volunteers and non-profit sponsored events, it was expanded to reach food service owners, new employees and students.

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Qualified Food Operator Course (QFO)
The Qualified Food Operator Course (QFO) incorporates all of the information taught in the FAST but in much greater detail. You will learn the standards in food safety, food-borne diseases, and food service sanitation.
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Handwashing Tips

When to wash your hands

  • Before you start work
  • After using the rest rooms
  • Before and after handling raw food
  • After touching your hair, face or body
  • After coughing or sneezing
  • When switching from one task to another
  • After handling any chemicals
  • Before and after changing gloves
  • After sweeping, mopping, or taking out the trash
  • Before and after break
  • After eating, drinking, or smoking
  • Any time you come in contact with anything that will contaminate your hands - money, dirty hand towels, etc
Food Safety
Information & Links


NDDH wants you to know how to prevent food borne illness!

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USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service

Government Food Safety Information

Food and Drug Administration

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Partnership for Food Safety Education
(Fight BAC!TM)

USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center at the National Agricultural Library