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About Us

The Northeast District Department of Health (NDDH) is a non-profit governmental organization that serves the northeast corner of Connecticut.  We are one of twenty health districts in the state of Connecticut. Established July 1, 1973, NDDH offers many services and serves twelve towns and a borough: Brooklyn , Canterbury, Borough of Danielson, Eastford, Hampton, Killingly, Plainfield, Pomfret, Putnam, Sterling, Thompson, Union and Woodstock. The NDDH service area covers approximately 438 square miles and has a population of approximately 86,000. We are governed by the Board of Health, comprised of representatives of the towns we serve.

Our Mission

The Northeast District Department of Health will, through community partnerships, promote, protect, and improve the health of the residents of Northeastern Connecticut, by monitoring health concerns, preventing illness, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Department Objectives

In furtherance of its purpose to improve the status of public health in northeastern Connecticut, the Department has established and maintains the following principal objectives:

1. To create an environment that will enable the residents of the Department to maintain optimal physical and mental health.

2. To cooperate with existing community organizations to encourage the coordination of parallel endeavors, to eliminate duplication in the provision of health services and to extend the scope of available health services.

3. To establish and maintain a continuing program of public education to increase community awareness in matters of health and Department services.

4. To establish and maintain the highest possible standards for the delivery of Department services.

5. To establish a system to periodically collect and analyze pertinent data related to the Department and to plan, develop, and evaluate Department services effectively.

6. To utilize whatever available public and private sources are appropriate to supplement the membership budget of the Department.

Experience the benefits of
a Public Health District

Ten benefits your community receives as a member of a Public Health District:

1. A professionally staffed department with fully trained and certified personnel.

2. Improved availability of services; seven days a week, 24 hours a day for emergencies.

3. Less fragmentation of services.

4. Uniform enforcement of state laws and regulations, codes, and ordinances.

5. A regional approach to public health problems that cross town lines.

6. Pooling of manpower for backup services in times of need.

7. The capability to address a wider scope of public health problems and issues than your community could on its own.

8. Reduction of waste and maximized effectiveness through problem identification, priority setting, improved coordination, and more efficient use of resources.

9. Eligibility for extensive state and federal funding, bringing to the local level dollars that might not otherwise be possible.

10. An opportunity for your town to network with other local health departments and state agencies.

Since 1973, public health districts have provided Connecticut residents with more and better public health services for less money.